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I help Individuals add an additional stream of income to their households without the pressure and stress of having to leave home by learning the skill of investing.



I  created Empowered by Gab to help individuals add an additional stream of income to their households without the pressure and stress of having to leave home. But before I ever had a business name, I had to save myself first. I decided to help others add an additional stream of income to their households because I was a mom that needed real help because I was facing real money challenges. 

Are You


I know how it feels to run on on time and even lower on money It's time to make a change if...


  • You have financial goals that are greater than what you get paid

  • You're willing to learn more so that you can finally earn more

  • You just need someone to guide you each step of the way




by Gab

I make investing simple and practical for busy individuals. When we work as hard as we do to make ends meet, we have to get strategic about what we do with our time, money, and attention.

Who is this for

Services I Provide

  • Daily Signals

  • Your Beginner Investing ChecKlist

  • Your Live Investing with Me Sessions (Available Daily)


Included in this program



We make sure that you can take advantage of our program without breaking the bank, we have 4 package options you can choose from. Select the package that works best for you.

Daily Signals





Daily Signals+ Beginner Sessions




1 on 1 Sessions







I'm Gabrielle Wyatt, and I learned how to trade 2 years ago. I started trading because I knew I needed to earn more if I was going to stay home with my son as a full time mom. Everyone knows that being a mom is rewarding work, but it takes time and doesn't pay the bills.


I had to find something that would work for me and investing was it. I was able to take care of my son and enjoy him while he was awake, and study while he took naps. It takes work and focus, but it's worth it. I went from doing door to door sales just to get by, to building a six figure business home.

Investing gave me the freedom I needed, and the security I was looking for. Now is the time to start learning a skill that can bring you more money and give you back even more of your time.




Since I have been apart of Empowered Gabby has been nothing but amazing I was able to make 4000 my first week. Soon I will be able to quit my 9-5 and trade full time 


Hey, I'm Johntavious!


Since I began trading within the last couple of week, my life has changed more than some may realize. I now have a stream of income that didn’t require a degree. Now don’t get me wrong, degrees are great. I’ve been a nurse for over 12 years and I love what I do, YET I work hard. I’ve worked all holidays several times, weekends, early mornings, late nights, you name it.


I’ve missed family events and special occasions because “No one will or can cover my shift.” With trading I don’t have to do it to feel it! My life has forever changed and I’m grateful to have a mentor who not only checks in daily, but gets me PAID! It’s the care and concern that you don’t always receive as a regular employee. I’m forever a Forex/HFX trader.

Hey, I'm Tonica!


I’ve been in this opportunity for almost a year and it’s been nothing but a true blessing. During the pandemic I had to quit my job and become a stay at home mother. School was closed and the students went to school virtually. I was completely stressed out. Thank God for this opportunity I was able to make money from home! Making money on the charts, making money in minutes is truly amazing. Learning the skill set was very easy for me and I had our entire community to support me, especially our awesome mentor Gabby. She’s the true blessing behind it all!!!

Hey, I'm Dinesha!




​ I was nervous about learning how to trade too. I wasn't sure if I would be able to understand it all, but every time I remembered why I was doing this I pushed forward. My son deserved to have his momma around to love on him and continue to provide for him. But he wasn't the only reason I kept going, I also kept going for me. I deserved to enjoy my son and to have the lifestyle I had always dreamed of having. I felt fear, but I did it anyway. I committed to my success because I knew my son and I were worth the effort.

Are you feeling fear?

Nervous about feeling alone?

I didn't want to feel like I was doing this all by myself. I built a community that helped me and the people who I invited on this journey with me. We encouraged each other and held each other accountable to the goals we set for ourselves. Having this community is what kept me going when I was tired or felt like tapping out.

Concerned that you'll be confused?

I couldn't imagine going through this process without a guide. My checklist detailing each step of the new investor process and my check-in sessions with my traders keeps confusion at bay. There will be moments where you'll have to settle into new information, but you'll always know where to start and what to do next. I make sure that all of my investors have the support they need to succeed.



to move

The moment we decide to win, that's the moment everything changes. Are you ready to see that change for yourself?

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